For the Church: that we may passionately and continuously call out to Christ for our needs and courageously follow Jesus on the way of life For the grace to risk: that we may sincerely seek the deepest desires that God has placed in our hearts and pursue their fulfillment even when the path is unclear For those searching for God: that their eyes and hearts may be opened to the many manifestations of God's love for them For spiritual insight: that God will help us recognize God’s presence in our lives, the significance of our relationships, and God’s invitations to love and service For all whose attention is fixed on the allurements of wealth, power, and prestige: that God will reveal to them their call to discipleship and the opportunities that God presents to use their gifts For a listening and sensitive heart: that we may never ignore nor try to silence those who cry out in pain or seek our assistance For all who are blinded by prejudice: that God will enlighten their hearts and help them recognize the value and dignity of each person For all who help others grow in faith, particularly parents, catechists, and spiritual directors: that God will bless their efforts as they strive to nurture the seeds of faith that God has planted For all who are ill, particularly those with diseases of the eyes: that God will bring healing and renewal to them in body, mind, and spirit For greater reverence for human life, particularly for those advanced in years or dealing with long-term infirmities: that we may affirm their dignity and support them with love and encouragement For all who have been bullied or tormented by others: that God will comfort and strengthen them and renew their sense of dignity For greater respect for God’s work of creation: that we may be mindful that all the earth is God’s gift to us and that it is entrusted to our stewardship For world leaders: that their gathering on climate change will outline new paths for protecting the earth for future generations For freedom from fear: that God will free us from the fears that hold us from loving, forgiving, and serving so that we may be dynamic disciples For the guidance of the Holy Spirit: that God’s people may listen closely to God as the synod seeks to renew and deepen the mission of the Church Other Ideas for Sunday | Saint Louis University Sunday Web Site
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Other Ideas for Sunday
2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time
Year C
January 16, 2022

Ideas for General Intercessions

These ideas are designed to be starting points for the prayers of a particular community of faith.

Joe Milner

For the Church: that inspired Mary’s words, we may become better disciples by doing all that God asks of us

For a greater recognition of the Spirit’s gifts: that we utilize the gifts that we have been given and encourage one another to build up the Body of Christ and to serve those who are in need

For a spirit of gratitude: that we may appreciate the abundance of God’s generosity toward us and rely upon God who never tires of providing for us

For deepening of our relationship with God: that we may grow in intimacy with God, the source of our life, through prayer, reflection, and service

For all couples: that they may be channels of God’s love to one another and signs of God’s presence in society

For all engaged and newly married couples: that they may invite Jesus to be part of their relationship and grow in their love and commitment to each other

For the unity of all Christians: that God will heal the wounds in the body of Christ and help us to give common witness to God through prayer and acts of loving compassion

For healing of the divisions within the human family: that racism, sexism, and prejudice may cease and that each person may be welcomed with dignity and respect

For all who work for social and racial justice in our society: that they may faithfully give witness to the Good News that all people are daughters and sons of God

For an end to violence in families, amongst neighbors, and in our city streets: that God will turn hearts from violence and help all people to work together to build the City of God

For greater respect for human life: that the Spirit will open hearts to the value and beauty of all human life and free society from abortion and euthanasia

For all who are ill: that God will bring healing to all who are sick, protect the human family from the spread of the virus, and give strength to all healthcare workers

For all who are recovering from natural disasters: that God will protect them, help them rebuild their lives, and touch the hearts of many to assist them

For our country: that God will heal the divisions and animosity that exists, help leaders to work together to address the issues of those who are suffering, and help us to better listen to one another

For peace: that God will turn hearts from warfare and violence and help the human family address the needs for food, medicine, and education


Joe Milner coordinates RCIA and is a member of the Liturgy Planning Team for St. Francis Xavier College Church on Saint Louis University campus in St. Louis, Missouri. For more information about St. Francis Xavier go to:

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